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Send me a letter

23 January 2024

Back in the day, people used to send each other letters. Some people would even send letters to strangers, who would then become their friends. They were called pen pals.

Review of the Raspberry Pi 4

17 December 2023

A few months ago, I got a Raspberry Pi 4. This wasn’t my first Raspberry Pi, but was definitely a big upgrade over the previous generation, that I had had for years. In case you have never heard of them, they’re little computers, ideal for servers.

Review of the Pulse 15 (three years on)

17 December 2023

Almost three years ago, I got my Pulse 15. It was my first laptop that was actually for Linux. In case you haven’t heard of the Pulse 15, it’s a laptop made by Tuxedo, who make laptops specifically for Linux.

Review of the PineTime

17 December 2023

A few weeks ago, I got a PineTime. If you don’t know what a PineTime is, it’s a smartwatch made by Pine64, that runs on open source firmware. That means you can download the source code of the firmware, modify it, and flash it to your smartwatch.

Review of the PineTab2

17 December 2023

A few months ago, I got a PineTab2. You might even have already heard of that, because I ported Mobian to it. If not, maybe you’re asking yourself what a PineTab2 is. The PineTab2 is a tablet from Pine64 that runs Linux.

Review of the PinePhone (three years on)

17 December 2023

Almost three years ago, I got a PinePhone. It was my first entry into the mobile Linux community, which I have found very interesting ever since I learned about it. In case you don’t already know, the PinePhone is a phone made by Pine64 for running Linux.

Review of the PineBuds Pro

17 December 2023

A few months ago, I got the PineBuds Pro. If you don’t know what the PineBuds Pro are, they’re wireless earbuds made by Pine64, that run on open source firmware. That means you can download the source code of the firmware, modify it, and flash it to your wireless earbuds.

What happened to simplicity, openness, and standards?

30 July 2023

Back when the internet first got popular, it consisted mostly of very simple websites. After all, it was just getting started, so there wasn’t nearly as many tools out there to create complex websites. The same was true for software. Every program was made to do one thing, and it did that one thing very well.

What happened to books, articles, and knowledge?

30 July 2023

I was inspired to write this post by this video. On the internet, we are surrounded by entertainment and misinformation, more than we are by factual content. Most content is made simply to get engagement, and to show ads, rather than to inform. This is obviously very detrimental to the internet, to society, and to the truth.

Switching back to DuckDuckGo

7 December 2022

I had been using SearXNG for about half a year. I liked it, and I still do, because it’s an open source solution that allows you to search multiple sources for your search results. However, there are some problems with it, and for those reasons I have decided to switch back to DuckDuckGo.

The VSCode monopoly

29 October 2022

If you’re a developer, or someone who has even slightly ventured into the development space, you’ve no doubt seen VSCode being recommended as the code editor to use. And there’s good reason for this. It’s a free editor, and it’s “open source”.

The "free" internet

29 October 2022

The internet as we know it is a “free” service. I mean this in the way that it is free of charge. However, we probably all know that nothing is life is offered for free. The price you pay for these services is your data.

Putin is destroying Russia

29 October 2022

While the actions of the Russian military under the command of Vladimir Putin have no doubt left Ukraine with an unacceptable amount of destroyed property and human lives, Ukraine as a country, the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian government have not and will not fall.

Linux makes Macs better

29 October 2022

Throughout the past few years, I have developed and helped with the development of tools to run newer versions of macOS on older Macs that Apple dropped support for.

The perfect search engine?

16 August 2022

As you might have realised, I value my privacy, and I’m a strong proponent of the free and source movement. So for a long time now, I have been trying to find a search engine that fit these criteria. I believe that I have finally settled upon one that is perfect for me.

Stop the war!

27 March 2022

More than a month ago, Vladimir Putin started his own personal war against the Ukrainian people, and against democracy. I don’t need to tell that this is an unacceptable, manufactured tragedy.

Switching to GitLab

17 May 2021

This is just a small blog post to announce that I’m switching to GitLab for privacy and open source reasons; GitHub is owned by Microsoft and while it may be built for the open source community, it is not built by the open source community. I would rather use a tool that is not owned by a big tech company and open source. This way I can make sure they respect my privacy, and could even self-host it one day.

Saying Goodbye to RMC

9 April 2021

It’s been two years now since I started RMC, the “team of people around the world who have a passion for computing and the skills to research, modify, and customize many parts of the computing experience” with “members who are skilled with all different kinds of computer hardware and software”. I really enjoyed working on each any every one of the projects that we released but it’s just that, we were never really a team.

A new computer

18 March 2021

As you may or may not know, I have been using a MacBook7,1 for the past 3 years. During that time I was a member and a developer in the macOS on Unsupported Macs community, but on 20 January 2021, I officially switched to running Linux (I had been running it before then) and thus left the macOS on Unsupported Macs community. The thing is, whether it was on a supported version of macOS, an unsupported version of macOS, or even Linux, the performance of such an old computer was beginning to bother me. All of this led to me to make the decision to buy a new computer.

Switching to Linux

20 January 2021

If you saw my blog post from last year, then you’ll probably already know why I’m switching to Linux, but if you haven’t, here’s why. It’s a free and open source operating system that still supports my MacBook7,1, when macOS no longer does, officially, or unofficially.