While the actions of the Russian military under the command of Vladimir Putin have no doubt left Ukraine with an unacceptable amount of destroyed property and human lives, Ukraine as a country, the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian government have not and will not fall.

Russia, on the other hand, is in a state of turmoil because of Putin’s actions. The economic sanctions put in place by the west have irreversibly weakened the Russian economy. The war has caused unrest in the form of protests against it, even in Russia. And the recent mobilisation has only made things worse for the Russian government.

People all around Russia are protesting the mobilisation. Recruitment officers have already been shot, and their offices have been set on fire. Even Russians who wholeheartedly support Putin, do not want to lose their own lives because of his war.

This might’ve been acceptable if Russia were winning the war, and if the war was justified. But sooner or later, Russians of all walks of life will realise that they are not. The annexation of four Ukrainian regions into Russia was a sign of this.

It was an attempt to motivate the Russian people and to lie to them. But that won’t change the fact that Russians are dying in Ukraine. Many Russians who don’t even want to be there, and who haven’t received training or supplies.

This war will destroy many integral parts of Ukraine that will require rebuilding, but it is Russia that it is destroying most.

I hope only that Russians will see this and remove Putin from power, so that they may have a chance at rebuilding their country’s economy, society, and international respect once the war is over.